Visual Artist

Seize the Time


2010. Ready-made object, clock, paint. 40 x 69 x 5 cm.


Time is passing non-stop, we follow it with clocks and calendars. Yet we cannot study it with a microscope or experiment with it. And it still keeps passing. We just cannot say what exactly happens when time passes. Physical time is public time, the time that clocks are designed to measure. Psychological time is private time.


Seize the Time is made as a present to the artist’s mother who never has enough time. By spinning the wheel of this clock it’s possible to change the time to suit the user.


Sculpture was exhibited on shows DOES ART HAVE A GENDER?  Gallery Noorus, Tartu, 2011 and USEFUL/USELESS PRESENT, Raja street Gallery, Tallinn, 2011.