Visual Artist



Museum of an Unknown Person


Ella Bertilsson & Ulla Juske


The Museum of an Unknown Person explores the collective memory of north inner city Dublin. The artists came across a locked chest abandoned on Bella Street just around the corner form the Liberty Park. Local people were invited to visit the museum to look through the personal belongings that was found inside the chest; photographs from the local area, photoalbums and other miscellaneous items. At the end of the event, the rightful owner of the chest was never identified and the items could not be returned.

The Museum of an Unknown Person was part of Circe Pavilion at the Treeline Project curated by Oonagh Young and Mary Cremin, Liberty Park, Dublin, 2017.

The Circe Pavilion promotes the use of public space as an area for all disciplines of art and community groups. The purpose of the Circe Pavilion is for social engagement and for community groups to use.