Visual Artist

You Are Missing From Me


Ulla Juske, Eva Järv & Hanna Piksarv


Installation:  house, staircase, vegetable garden, cinnamonbun-machine, audio-piece duration 00:04:36.

Tartu Art Museum, 2018; Kesk-Eesti Kunstigalerii 2017; Haapsalu Linnagalerii, 2016


You Are Missing From Me is an installation exploring the concept of home and a feeling of belonging beyond a fixed geographical location.

Ulla Juske, Eva Järv and Hanna Piksarv have been collaborating since their studies in the Sculpture department at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Since then they all have travelled and lived in different countries, but stayed in a creative dialogue and being an inspiration to each others art practices.

They started the project in 2015 by sending each other letters and drawings by post. The title You Are Missing From Me is a direct translation from a French expression I miss you / tu me manques. This is usually used to finish a letter and its clumsy translation describes profoundly the feeling that surfaced during the letter correspondence. Every night night before falling asleep, instead of counting sheep they counted friends who are living away and are missing from them.