Inventory I. Useless things

Digital print. 70 x 70 cm. Polaroids 10 x 10

Complete inventory of all the things at the artist’s apartment.

While doing the inventory Juske released she had a red box, where she collect things that where no longer needed, but also for some reason not thrown away. This red box had become a filter between useful and useless.

Juske photographed all things in it and  asked visitors to give her advice what she should do with these things.















Installation of photographs, drawings and video, 2014.

Complete inventory of the family home where the artist, her mother and grandmother lived at the time of the project.

Grand Reading looks at the meaning of home, the subjectivity of the concept and a artist’s personal relationship to the subject. In the process of the inventory, it became clear that things people have at home cannot be categorize in a logical order. Attempt to systemize them according to a scientific rule is a persistent failure. What emerges in dealing with the concept of home are the personal associations and memories related to it.















Video is shown in the red box that reminds a mechanical television. It is viewed be through a magnifying glass. A girl, perhaps from another time walks toward the window and climbs in. She starts the inventory of the house.

Video in YouTube

Project was exbitited in Tartu Kunstimaja 24. X – 16.XI 2014:

Hairy Legs, Diamond Rain and Other Magical Wanders


11 wonder boxes, book of magical wander stories, 19 screen prints, found stories, wood/mdf structure

Diamond rain, hairy legs and other magical wanders is an installation of drawings, stories and strange objects, seen through peepholes. It is arranged as a cabinet of curiosities where reality is blended with the imaginary. The project is based on stories collected from various news sites over two years.

The installation was exhibited in the MFA Graduate exhibition “See the Future” in National College of Art and Design in Dublin 2014.









How to Spot a Terrorist


9 hand drawn animations, 3 videos of all the news headlines in Estonia National Broadcast from November 2012 – January 2013, text on the wall.

Project looks at how media exchanges news and how an overflow of information has made us willfully ignorant to sirious events.” I have born in 1986 in Estonia and lived all my conscious life in free Europe. I have never been hungry or thirsty, known fear of violence. I have always had a home and people who care about me. I have never been alone, I have lived in a safe world. Every morning I read world news to find out what is happening. There are a lot different news channels and information sources. It is difficult to see the difference between real and virtual life. The constant flow of information creates a black hole and it is impossible to know what is reality, film, a joke or tragedy…” (text on the wall in Hobusepea Gallery)

The project was exhibited in Hobusepea gallery in January 2013.









video 00:04:06 duration, 2012

Conversation between the artist and her mother.

‘My mother, also an art critic and journalist is asking me questions regarding my future plans as an artist:

What will you do now when you have graduated from art college? Do you think a Bachelor degree is enough? What do you consider your role to be as an artist? What do you want to accomplish as an artist?

I am cutting onions, crying and answering:

I don’ t know, I don’t know…

Getting more hysterical with each answer.’

Video was exhibited in a show MOTHER AND DAUGHTER, Tartu Art House Gallery, 2012






Installation of 29 postcards and video, 2011


Documentation for a fictional story about unknown figure invading the artist’s personal space.

“One day I received a postcard. It had been addressed to me, but sent anonymously. On the front was a picture of me walking down the street. On the back, a quote from Ludwig Wittgenstein. For a month, I received similar postcards. I wasn’t threatened or asked for anything. Yet, someone was following, watching and photographing me. Someone was gatecrashing my life…”














Digital Photography, 2009



“Dear Diary! Today I am in Swedish Royal Library and I am thinking, that I am going swimming tomorrow. But I can’t swim. I will go swimming anyway.”


“Dearist Diary! I want to be as everybody else. Nothing goes right for me. I want, that something goes right for me as well. One time my headphones are broken and I’m not allowed to play ball. Everything is bad.”





“Dear Diary! Why is everything so bad? Why am I so bad? Why, dear Diary, why am I so bad? Please, Diary, why don’t you reply?”



Ready-made object, clock, paint. 40 x 69 x 5 cm, 2010


Time is passing non-stop, we follow it with clocks and calendars. Yet we cannot study it with a microscope or experiment with it. And it still keeps passing. We just cannot say what exactly happens when time passes. Physical time is public time, the time that clocks are designed to measure. Psychological time is private time.


Seize the Time is made as a present to the artist’s mother who never has enough time. By spinning the wheel of this clock it’s possible to change the time to suit the user.


Sculpture was exhibited on shows DOES ART HAVE A GENDER?  Gallery Noorus, Tartu, 2011 and USEFUL/USELESS PRESENT, Raja street Gallery, Tallinn, 2011.

Lost people


25 postcards, digital print, 10 x 15 cm, 2008


I asked 25 people to think about someone they once knew well but have since lost contact, I also asked them a reason why. Using each persons silhouette I created 25 post cards with their lost persons name and the reason of loosing contact. When this process was complete each post card was sent to random addresses, kindly asking recipient to forward it their lost person.



UllaJuske_LostPeople UllaJuske_LostPeople


 Animation, 00:02:02 duration, 2013

On 15 February 2013, a small asteroid entered Earth’s atmosphere over Russia and hit an area in the southern Ural region. It was observed over a wide area of the region and in neighbouring republics. BBC new also broadcasted the story and interviewed a group of men who make their living by collecting meteorite rocks – meteorite hunters.

Meteorite Hunters is a fictional story of how professional meteorite hunters waiting for the  meteorite to hit the Earth.





Animation 00:03:31 duration, 2013


Animated story how 6 most hated people according to internet entered a swimming competition. The list of people is based on a web-site As a prize they all got pushed into water with rocks tied around their neck.

Animation was made for a group show “Excess baggage” in Tallinn 2013.


World Tallest Man Saves a Dolphine

Animation, 00:04:55 duration, 2014

Mongolian herdsman Bao Xishun, worlds tallest man, was called in after a dolphin swallowed something used around its pool at an aquarium in China. Attempts to use instruments failed. Mr Bao stuck his hand into the dolphins stomach and pulled out the deadly thing.
Animation is part of project Hairy Legs, Diamond Rain and Other Magical Wonders. It was shown in MFA Graduate Show in NCAD 2014.