Installation of photographs, drawings and video, 2014.

Complete inventory of the family home where the artist, her mother and grandmother lived at the time of the project.

Grand Reading looks at the meaning of home, the subjectivity of the concept and a artist’s personal relationship to the subject. In the process of the inventory, it became clear that things people have at home cannot be categorize in a logical order. Attempt to systemize them according to a scientific rule is a persistent failure. What emerges in dealing with the concept of home are the personal associations and memories related to it.















Video is shown in the red box that reminds a mechanical television. It is viewed be through a magnifying glass. A girl, perhaps from another time walks toward the window and climbs in. She starts the inventory of the house.

Video in YouTube

Project was exbitited in Tartu Kunstimaja 24. X – 16.XI 2014: